Wednesday 28th October 2020

English Language

SN Courses Description
1 Basic ¬†English Language <align=”justify”> Introducing towards illiterate and some who know only little about English; they are supposed to be taught in our institution from elementary. Teaching on good environment is being created for them to enhance their lower strength by proposing them better courses to be literacy.
2 Intermediate in English Language This course is apparently given to the students who are studying in the intermediate (+2) level. They are supposed to learn this English to motivate their life career. In this course syllabus, you guys can have found about main grammars, English poetry, ballads, tales, epics, dramas, etc. How it can be written and entertained behaviorally, those systems will be surely acknowledged and granted by our instructors. Most of vocabularies and unknown words will be got acquainted to our students.


3 Advance in English Language


This course is naming towards master degree level and its structure is created and developed to gain educative knowledge for our students also renowned our what exactly institution giving as mysterious words and its merits will be dedicated like oracle also many more definitions will defined regarding our students, It is most necessary course syllabus for genuine students to make them fluent, is for them who studying in master lever or above, who want to go aboard for UN mission, they need these advance language course due to their inner enhancement that will be recovered by setting of this course.


  • English Language

Aakash Subedi (IELTS & English Language)

Netra Bahadur Bhujel (English Language)

Promod Neaupane (English Language)